Vikiroom: Dating, collecting, browsing, gaming and more!

VIKIROOM: Not Just a Dating App

Gone are the days when communication, dating and entertainment were incompatible. For a while, you can lose yourself: in books, in games, in art, in love. Let yourself get lost...

Start your journey today and plunge with us not only into exciting dates, but also into many entertaining and connecting people opportunities!


— Meet people from all over the world or in your immediate vicinity! — Simple and intuitive interface will not create difficulties in communication! — Fill out your profile as you wish, and also - see other people's profiles in just one click! — Even if you are far from home at the moment, you can always choose who and where to look for! — Can't you find someone to talk to? Don't worry, you'll still have plenty of opportunities to start a dialogue. Use the «Fire Message» function or give a gift, and then wait for the start of a new dialogue!


— Our gifts are not just glorified stickers, given once and forgotten forever, but digital goods in the full sense of the word that can be collected, given, exchanged. — While even «ordinary» gifts are not bad enough, try to get «rare» or even higher-level ones to definitely impress with your collection! — Open chests to receive even more gifts to your collection! Classic, seasonal, event and even very rare ones that can never be opened again! — Some gifts will be kept in the chest for a limited time, which means that they will become very popular collectibles. Who wouldn't want to get them all? It's fun - try it yourself! — Your collection of rare gifts can put you on the Vikiroom Top list that the whole world will see!


— Play such interesting games as HEXTRIS, 2048, OHH1 and more, because the catalog is constantly updated! — While you are just playing and having fun, you get into Vikiroom Top. All users will notice this, some will immediately want to ask how you managed to get to the top so cleverly, and others will want to compete with you! — Read interesting Vikiroom channels: about psychology, intimology, astrology and much more! — Share these articles with others: start a dialogue and discuss! You will never run out of topics to talk about! — Use Vikiroom Services: tarot cards, «fire messages» and many others!